Welcome to How To Get Away With Teaching, a self-care subscription box dedicated to educator self-care and wellness. As educators we hold many titles and wear many hats. The daily hustle & bustle that comes with teaching is so rewarding, but it can also be equally exhausting. That is exactly why we created How To Get Away With Teaching. We believe that steady, consistent self-care is one key to sustaining our busy careers in educators. We aim to empower and encourage educators to practice radical self care within a profession that does not always do the same. You can be an effective educator AND have a life outside of teaching. Our goal is to help YOU create a life that you do not need to escape from. Each month's box includes soothing bath & body products to help you unwind, thought provoking reflective activities, lifestyle items, affirming details, and a few surprises.



Every box includes products that seek to motivate and inspire YOU to press pause on your teacher life to kick back and relax. We aspire to see YOU living your best life outside of teaching.

Bath and Body

Every box also includes two bath and body products carefully selected to help YOU unwind and relax. Each product serves as a reminder to intentionally spend some time caring for yourself. 


Wellness Support

Join a growing community of educators as we learn from mental health experts and wellness providers in our private Facebook Community.