June’s self care box is packed with goodies carefully selected to help you relax and recharge. We know how difficult this year has been and you deserve to treat yourself as you recover from this school year. To jumpstart your summer, begin with a good night’s rest using this super soft sleep mask and eucalyptus essential oil from Opal Massage Therapy. Eucalyptus oil is proven to help soothe muscle aches and relieve headaches. It is perfect to apply in the shower on your wrists, back, or temples. As an added bonus to your pampering, use the chamomile hand gloves from Avry Beauty to moisturize and nourish your hands. Mine have been so dry from using so much hand sanitizer this year and are much smoother after using the hand gloves. You will also find peppermint tea from Tea Drops that will help contribute to a good night’s rest. I added a bit of honey and lemon to my tea and it’s delicious! For cooler beverages you may enjoy on the patio or beach, use your “After School Snack” can cooler from Rustic Moms Boutique. Try a new recipe using the pineapple tray molds. These can be used to make adorable ice cubes, candy, jello, or even chocolate. Lastly, for your mental health, read the advice column from my chat with Camille Peay, LPCA and wind down using your reflective activities from Rachel & Kat at Holding Space For Educators.


"Mint" To Be Summer Self Care Box