August’s self care box is all about starting off fresh, while remembering to take care of you. While the new year may cause worry, stress, and anxiety, it can also cause excitement, happiness and joy. This month’s box aims to remind you that two things can be true. You can prepare for the school year and prioritize yourself. The sticker from @holdingspaceforeducators is the perfect reminder that we can hold multiple truths as people. Pick two truths you hold as an educator to write on your sticker and put it somewhere you’ll see as an important reminder. Our book of the month is “5-Minute Energy by Isadora Baum. This book is filled with 200 practical, quick ways to feel more energized. It can be used by you and your students. This can be a great way to build community and incorporate self care techniques. Save your spot using your affirming bookmark from The Happy Company. When getting ready for your day, don’t forget your “Breathe” bracelet from The Olujimi Project and your “Teach One, Impact Many” button from @Deavionbluinnovations while listening to your Back To School playlist from @DJDMidd. In need of a yummy treat? Have a bite of your royal icing sugar cookie courtesy of @BeesSweetEats. To wind down, place your headache relief shower steamer from Katy’s Stress Relief in the corner of your shower for an ultimate spa experience followed by some relaxing coloring in your Affirmation coloring book from The Rooting Box. Lastly, read and reflect on the notes included from my chat with this month’s featured counselor, Shavon Jack. Print your digital download and complete the reflective activities. Don’t forget to print your self care calendar to hold yourself accountable for taking care of you.

Breathe Self Care Box