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This Girl's Got Goals...Let's Go Get Em!

This box is a Winter dream come true.

December is all about relaxing, goal setting, and shifting the mindset. We have included some winter goodies to support you as you take necessary time to decompress. For your productivity, we have included The Look Back, Plan Ahead Workbook zine from Lora and Katie at Free Period Press. This is a resource to help you plan out your goals for next year. It is also a helpful tool to reflect on your physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health. Use your mental health stickers from Paper House Productions to stay motivated with your goals using your zine or planner.

For your relaxation, soak in a luxurious bubble bath or foot bath using the sleep aromatherapy mineral bath salt from Little Moon Essentials. This calming and sleep inspiring mineral bathe is made with essential oils known for their ability to soothe the body into a sleep state. Follow up with a refreshing Moon Velvet mask from Facetory. Wind down with a cup of hot cocoa using your cocoa cone. Each bag contains hot chocolate, semi sweet chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Need a pick me up right before winter break? Grab your cream and sugar pocket latte bars for an instant taste of creamy coffee.

Don’t forget to accept the monthly self care challenge using your digital download and check out relaxation affirmation cards. Read the advice column from my chat with Patience Riley, LPC, CPC. Find out more at her website

Being a member of How To Get Away With Teaching allows you to access our private Facebook community. This is where we host live masterclasses, store mental health resources and provide support from expert health professionals. Join us as we venture to change the narrative of teachers by having the audacity to care for ourselves, first.

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