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Self Care Helps Me Bloom & Grow

Alright, so here it is. Our very first subscription box! The truth is, teaching is hard. It can easily consume your life, if you allow it to. We are constantly chasing after what it means to be what society has deemed "the good teacher."

The good teacher spends countless hours before and after school planning lessons and preparing materials for their students the next day. The good teacher does volunteers for all of the after school clubs and organizations. The good teacher arrives early and leaves late. The good teacher has a Pinterest ready room and engages their scholars every day with cheers, chants, and energy that he or she has managed to find despite, sleeping only a few hours each night. Turns out, the good teacher is tired. The good teacher is overworked. The good teacher is exhausted. The good teacher is burned OUT.

That's why I created this box. While doing all of the things for everyone else, the good teachers may not love on themselves as much as they should. The good teacher may have forgotten who he or she truly is. The good teacher may have lost their identity in the hustle and bustle. The good teacher needs a reminder to press pause and focus on filling their own cup. You only have one life to live. Let's focus on giving it the same attention, grace, patience, love, and care that you give to everyone else. After all, you deserve it.

This month we focused on viewing self care as an opportunity for growth and personal development. Let's take a look.

The personal growth item for this month is this adorable self care index zine from Free Period Press . Reflect on ways you practice self care and jot them in the index as a go-to guide when you need a reminder. As educators, we tend to create plans and routines for our students, but we forget to do those things for ourselves. This zine is the perfect way to form some new self care habits or write down your own for future use. Speaking of writing, we have this beautiful Flair Pen courtesy of Fiesta Maestra with the words "Bloom and Grow" on the side as a daily reminder. Up next, we have a vinyl sticker from Emily at Emily Cromwell Designs as another beautiful reminder to continue your personal and professional growth.

So, how can one bloom and grow, you ask? By taking time to unplug and relax. First, we have our Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea from Yogi. The combination of chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm do just the trick for a good night's sleep. Transform your shower into a spa with this amazing essential oil shower steamer from Nicole at NHCO Botanicals. Nicole's backstory is so inspiring and she is dedicated to creating all natural, plant-based, hormone conscious body care. The lavender aroma that the steamer creates in the shower is perfect for a few deep breaths followed up with a relaxing activity or glass of wine. Lastly, we have a beeswax Rose & Orange votive candle from Ashley at Dandy Roots. Ashley is dedicated to making products that are good for you AND the environment. This candle provides a subtle scent of Rose & Orange that is so pleasant!

Lastly, we have a packet of seeds from American Meadows and a brochure packed with advice from a licensed mental health professional. Our guest this month is my mother, Camille Peay. She is a licensed counselor who works with couples and women seeking to restore healthy and fulfilling relationships. As a favor to little ol' me, she provided some great advice and reflective activities for teachers in the brochure. She also included 5 affirmations and space to create your own. The seeds are for practicing positive self talk on your own or with your students. The idea is to plant the seeds and treat them with the same love and attention you give yourself. Watch and see how you and the seeds bloom and grow.

Have you received your Bloom & Grow box yet? If so, snap a picture + share on social media + tag @howtogetawaywithteaching. This box is still available for purchase in our store.

You can grab the next box by subscribing here.

Next month's theme: When Life Gives You Lemons....

Until Next Time,

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