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Relaxed and Refreshed

It’s 2022 and we are so proud of you! Thank you for the work you are doing. We hope this month’s box helps you reset with some refreshing goodies and an awesome read. Refresh your living space using your Clean Cotton room and linen spray from 101 West.

Get cozy with your camel velvet headband from Leto Collection while reading our book of the month, The Beautiful No by Sheri Salata which reveals experiences of trial, transcendence, and transformation. You will also find a workbook companion in the back to reflect on your own story.

Enjoy your Surf Sweet Gummy Bears while you read, or as a pick me up while at work. Enjoy a hot shower after a long day and choose your scent between your Ocean Spray Body Scrub from Bella & Bear or your Winter Rose body wash infused buffer from Spongelle. Lastly, check out the advice column from Katie Blythe, certified wellness coach. Don’t forget to check your email for your January self care calendar and bingo board.

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