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How To Get Away With Teaching

I came up with the title of this blog for several reasons. I needed something catchy that would make others wonder, "What in the world is that about?" However, I thought I needed to explain its' purpose.

HTGAWT is a place for me to reflect on why I made the decision to become a teacher. As teachers there are a lot of things that affect our job that we cannot control, mainly legislation, politics, and administration. At times it becomes so frustrating to have to meet the demands of people who have never been in your shoes before. I've heard all of the complaints and I've said the same thing time and time again. After a while, I became tired of complaining. I grew tired of venting over the same non-negotiables that would not change. I became tired of being tired. So I changed my attitude and promised myself that I would "get away" with teaching.

You remember the "Calgon, Calgon, take me away" commercials? There was always a young woman who would smell a certain scent and be "taken away" to a meadow filled with daisies or an exotic island where she was able to relax and enjoy her time. My goal is for my classroom to be that meadow of daisies each and every day. Wishful thinking, right? I know and completely understand that you may have the Children of the Corn in your room, but if you choose to have a positive attitude when you step in your classroom then you may end up with Sour Patch Kids ;-) Once you shift your thinking and become passionate about it then you may actually end up enjoying your job. You do spend more than a third of your day there, you might as well enjoy it.

Remember why you chose to become a teacher and let your passion overflow. I promise you'll enjoy life more.

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