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How to Create Your Own Affirmations

Can I ask you a personal question? What do you absolutely love about your best friend? They may be fearless, beautiful inside and out, and hilarious. They may be an amazing cook, brilliant author, or a bomb dot com teacher. Now that you're gushing about your BFF, let me ask..what do you love about yourself?

Is it as easy to highlight all of the amazing things about yourself? This has always been my struggle with imposter syndrome. For some reason, everyone could see greatness in me, but I struggled to see it in myself. Why are we so hard on ourselves?

I've been in therapy since December and I already feel lighter, free, and so much more confident. It has helped me unpack some habits and beliefs. Turns out that my negative thoughts were outweighing my positive thoughts. It's like I used all of my motivational, bubbly, cheerful energy for my students and everyone in my personal life, except for me. I was so critical of myself while exerting most of my energy to uplift those around me. I spent more than a decade putting the needs of others before my own because I felt that I wasn't deserving. Then, I finally decided to stop. I decided that I was indeed worthy of good things and that included putting myself first for once.

If you're struggling with imposter syndrome, I believe you can overcome it as well.

Today I want to challenge you to write three self love affirmations. The hard work begins on the inside. For many teachers, our value is tied closely to performance and data because that's what society tells us. We have to begin telling ourselves a different story, the true story about who we are.

In order to craft an affirmation, you must begin with an honest assessment of where you are, what you're struggling with, and what you desire. There are different affirmations for different seasons. So, let's take my example of imposter syndrome. My affirmations would be created to COMBAT thoughts of feelings like a failure who does not deserve anything she has earned. So my affirmations would be something like:

I am worthy of good things.

I deserve everything I have worked for.

Just because I am struggling does not mean I am a failure.

So let's circle back to my original question. What do you love about yourself, ? Jot your affirmations down to remind yourself of who you are and finish your week with a BANG!

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