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Meet Caitlin

Caitlin Peay Smith is the owner of How To Get Away With Teaching, LLC. Her experience in education, struggles with mental health, and research in self care fuel her passion to collaborate with educators who suffer from burnout.


After having her daughter in 2019, Caitlin suffered from post-partum depression. With the added stress from teaching, she struggled with finding the balance between being a wife, mom, and teacher. She found that she could not be fully present in the three roles with the same level of intensity and dedication. It was not fair to her family, her students, and most of all, herself.


She decided to get serious about her self care by creating a routine, establishing boundaries, saying 'no,' and gradually shifting her mindset with intentional mindfulness practices. She curates self care subscription boxes for teachers to them do the same. Visit our 'Shop' section or click the link here to grab yours today!